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Layanan hukum bisnis untuk usaha dan keluarga Anda, yang simple, to-the-point dan profesional.

About Us

Berdiri sejak 2012, BLP mengutamakan pelayanan yang simple, to-the-point dan tidak bertele-tele. 

Mendengarkan dan memahami kebutuhan klien adalah nomor satu. Ini yang membuat kami menjadi top-of-mind bagi klien. 

Dengan menguasai peraturan dan issue ter-update seputar hukum bisnis, properti dan penanaman modal, BLP memberikan solusi terbaik untuk problem apapun seputar hukum bisnis dan properti.

Visi Kami

Menjadi portal layanan hukum bisnis terbaik di bidangnya.

Misi Kami

Menyediakan layanan hukum yang customized untuk setiap klien, simple, to-the-point dan profesional.


Empathy, simplicity and professionalism menjadi motor penggerak untuk melayani Anda.

What Our Clients Say

Testimonial yang mendorong kami untuk selalu memberi yang terbaik.

Hi, I am mighty pleased with the services of BLP. As an expatriate I wanted to get my company formation and business licenses work done and believe me BLP made it look so easy for me.

Very professional, prompt response, reasonable charges and in depth knowledge of the work.

I will be very happy and confident to recommend BLP to my friends.

Vikas Gupta
President Director
PT. Indo Global Impex

We have had the privilege to engage BLP’s service in our purchases of Indonesia lands as a foreign Company. A qualified and experienced team, BLP has thoroughly guided us in our land transactions and ensured that the required mandatory documents are timely submitted and land transfers are legitimately finalized. In addition to being seasonably knowledgeable in the Indonesian Agrarian Law, we experienced BLP’s professional competency in advisory of matters pertaining to all our land dealings that needs further clarification and elaborated explanation within short turnaround time. BLP provides a reliable professional service and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure clarity and understanding from Client’s perspective.

Daphne Ho
Legal Manager
PT. Boilermech Manufacturing Indonesia